Monday, 3 March 2014

Monday Musings: Villette uncovered

Inspired by Stuck in a Book and Random Jottings, I decided to search for disastrous covers for one of my favourite nineteenth-century novels, Charlotte Bronte's Villette. You will gather from these covers that two key scenes involving Lucy Snowe, the heroine of Villette, have her looking in a mirror and receiving a letter. However, you might be forgiven for thinking that rather than being a frighteningly cold and unreliable narrator, she is in fact a ditzy female who spends all her time looking out of windows. (Villette is actually better-served than most classic novels with covers due perhaps to being lesser-known, so some of these are actually OK except for the fact that they Obviously Don't Show Lucy.)

Villette: The Exorcist Version                            Villette: The Jolly Spy Adventure

Villette: At the Mills & Boon Fairground               Villette: The Ballet School Years

Villette: Why We Pay Teachers Too Much             Villette: The Electric Chair

Villette: How Can I Break Through The Glass Ceiling?    Villette: Lost in Jane Eyre

The cover I actually own is this inoffensive offering from Penguin, but I admire the Vintage cover and especially the new Penguin Classics cover much more. So to clean the palate:

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