Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Blog hiatus

Sadly, my workspace doesn't look quite like this.
I'm taking a leave of absence from this blog - not sure how long it will be yet - as I need to focus on the final stages of my PhD. (I did intend to review The People In The Trees before this hiatus, but a jar of pasta sauce spilt on it when I was on my way back from a youth group I run, and it has only just recovered enough to be readable.) 


  1. Good luck with the PhD! I look forward to your return, whenever that may be :-)

  2. Thanks! when I get a bit more on track with the final draft of the PhD, I'm hoping to do some re-reading posts - I find it easier to write about novels I've already read once than brand new books, and I currently have access to my full book collection again, so there's lots to choose from :)